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European Tour

Off to Europe once again! Below is my tour schedule as of today - more to come! 23 October, 2015

Gouda Studio's solo and ft. Ron Baggerman 21:00

Gouda, Netherlands 24 October, 2015 Oscars - 19:00 Zwolle, Netherlands

30th October 2015

Schrääg, (Duo with Nori Hosoya) 20:00

Falkensee, Germany

31 October, 2015 Holy Grail Guitar Fest - 11:00 Berlin, Germany

31th October:

Jansen Bar, (Solo), 21:00 Berlin, Germany

1th November:

Art Stalker, Berlin (Duo with Nori Hosoya) 20:00

Berlin, Germany

3th November

Speiches Rock und Blues Kneipe Solo 20:00 (with radio promotion/interview on

Berlin, Germany

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